Tara Mediation ends weekly Twitter Q&A

Tara Mediation ends weekly Twitter Q&A

Tara Mediation ends weekly Twitter Q&A


The weekly Twitter Q&A by Tara Mediation was introduced 4 years ago. With this weekly Twitter Q&A many have found a way to answers to their divorce / separation related questions.

The last year showed that the weekly Twitter Q&A was mainly used to ask several questions through the contact form of the website of Tara Mediation.

This is why we have decided to end the weekly Twitter Q&A.  Any question through Twitter ofcourse will still be answered.


About Su Changoe
Su Changoe is the owner of Tara Mediation. Tara Mediation guides couple who are considering a divorce or separation, couples who have decided to divorce and already divorced individual. For these individuals Tara Mediation provides the workshop ‘Claim your spot! – from partner to single’. More information www.taramediation.com

For more information about Tara Mediation, interview requests or images you can contact Su Changoe by phone: +31 (0)6 8100 6515 or e-mail: su.changoe@taramediation.com Also visit the website: www.taramediation.com

Would you like to use this article for a magazine, newsletter or on a website?
That is possible, provided that the following information with an active link to the website mentioned is included: “By Su Changoe from Tara Mediation. For more information visit her website: www.taramediation.com.”


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